Ideal Client

Who is our ideal client?

Learn more about the clients we enjoy working with the most.

If you are someone who wants to hand over your portfolio and disappear, we are not the best fit. The value in working with a financial advisor is in collaborating and working together to achieve your goals.

We are here to reduce complexity in your life. Don’t wait until you are “ready” or “financially savvy” - would you wait until you are an expert chef to take cooking lessons?

We serve as the CFO; your role is to be CEO.

Our best clients are:

  • Kind people who are pleasant to work with
  • Responsive when input or action is needed
  • Willing to delegate the day-to-day management of their portfolio
  • Trusting that we always act in their best interest

You might not be a good fit to work with us if you:
  • Prefer to manage investments on your own
  • Look for high-risk investment strategies (single stocks, options, etc.)
  • Don’t do your part to make the relationship fruitful

70% of our clients are Christians

Since we are a Christian financial advisory firm, most clients we attract identify as Christians. However, many people who do not identify as Christians share our values. We respectfully serve everyone with the highest competence and professional ethics.

Being a Christian is not a requirement to become a client.

Typical occupations of the clients we serve

Fields: Financial Services, Information Technology, Research & Science

Jobs: Senior Executives, Technical People & Project Managers, Sales & Account Managers, Software Developers, Researchers, and Analysts

Our clients, by life stage

Accumulators (Age < 50)

  • 40% of our client base
  • Most of their income comes in the form of salary/W-2
  • Desire to save aggressively and build wealth

Pre-retirees/Retirees (50+)

  • 60% of our client base
  • Have $1M or more in investable assets
  • Retired or seeking to retire within the next 5 years
  • Concerned about the longevity of the portfolio and/or leaving a legacy