Understanding The Abundant Offer

Wealth Management: 1% of assets, $1.5M minimum

  • Includes financial planning, investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.
  • Best solution if: 
    • You are older than 50 and retired or planning to retire soon
    • You need professional investment management
    • You desire a steady hand to take the stress out of retirement  

Financial Planning: $3,750/quarter ($15,000 per year)

  • Best solution if:
    • You are looking for clarity around your finances
    • You need expert advice to help you make life-changing decisions
    • You have most of your assets in employer retirement plans 

This is what you get when working with us:

Financial Planning:

We want to ensure your financial plan aligns with your values. We follow biblical money principles to help you build your financial house on a rock (Matthew 7:24-27). We will work on these topics together: setting financial goals, budgeting, assessing your insurance policies, planning for college and retirement, managing credit, kingdom giving before and after retirement, and making large purchases or major financial decisions.

We also advise on equity compensation programs, employer benefit elections, and total compensation packages for clients currently employed.

Investment Management:

We design portfolios based on your personal goals, prioritizing low-cost investments and proper diversification (Ecclesiastes 11:2). Our services include selecting mutual funds and ETFs, reducing concentrated stock positions, rebalancing your portfolio, designing a retirement income strategy, and executing a tax-efficient withdrawal plan.

Tax Preparation:

We prepare your individual federal and state tax returns by partnering with a third-party accounting and tax planning firm. Being involved in preparing your return allows us to monitor tax planning recommendations from inception to execution (Mark 12:17).

Estate Planning:

Passing down money is relatively easy. Beyond the paperwork, we equip you over time to train your family to inherit wealth in a way that honors God and aligns with your values. We partner with a third-party estate planning service to establish important documents such as wills, powers of attorney, and more.

All you need to know before meeting us.

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